Rose Bears or Soft Bears: Which Are the Perfect Gifts?

Rose bears are made from stuffed toys; they aren’t just loved by children! Millions of people show affection through gift giving, one of which is the classic teddy bear. Rose Bears are made from our extraordinarily strong, yet delicate, materials for lasting use and maximum value!

But when it comes to deciding between soft toys and rose bears, which really makes for the better gift? We know the answer – and we’re sure you do, too! Let’s take a quick look and break things down a bit.

Rose Bears are Unique

Rose Bears, which are hand made, make for an original gift idea. While teddy bears come in specific lines and/or with a specific character, these cute creatures can be tailored to any personality or occasion.

Because they’re not a classic teddy bear, Rose Bears are an option for someone who may be expecting a gift. Aside from being gorgeous plush toys that most people would love to have, Rose Bears offer a unique surprise for your loved one when the gift opens!

Rose Bears are Made with Love

That is, each one of our rose bears is handmade. We use close messages and make a product that is guaranteed to be personal and unique to you. When you buy a teddy bear, the connection isn’t quite there, which means your purchase may not have that same guarantee of personal uniqueness. You can choose a specific gift and give it your own message – but does it have the same guarantee of personal uniqueness? Maybe not!

Each of our handmade bears is made with high quality materials, will always be unique, and can sometimes convey a more personal message than an item that has been mass produced. These are thoughtful, valued gifts for the ones you love!

Rose Bears Are Durable

Teddy bears can go through a lot. They can be crushed, worn out, and dirty. Rose Bears, however, may look soft and fluffy on the outside, but are tough enough to create long term enjoyment. They make for spectacular ornaments and side-pieces, adding a touch of class to any room.

Rose Bears’ artificial foam material allows them to stand the test of time. A teddy bear might last for years but with the Rose Bear, you only need to look after it!

Roses Bears Last Forever

Roses are often a mixed blessing. They may be beautiful in the moment, but they die, getting thrown away in the trash to create room for new ones soon thereafter. However, rose bears make all of the charm of a rose while still adhering to your terms. These plush bear-shaped keepsakes are made just how you want them and will last a long time.

They Pair Beautifully With Eternity Roses

Roses are also a popular gift option. They come in a variety of attractive display options, including a small classic round, a deluxe rose box, or even a single rose in an elegant glass dome.

And The Winner Is…?

There will always be a place for teddy bears – but an astonishing, one-of-a-kind Rose Bear is the perfect gift. It will leave people surprised, can delight them and can last forever.